Our Objectives

  • to meet the specific needs of African women in response to their diverse backgrounds    
  • to help members feel at home in the United Kingdom by supporting them to access available services
  • to support and prevent underachievement by offering courses that build African women's self confidence and self assertiveness
  • to develop partnership between and across the different service providers
  • to generate publicity materials to create awareness of the availability and access to different avenues of support for African women


Members of the African Community will:

  • be able to meet socially
  • be able to freely discuss the needs of their children which include complimentary education in African culture (drumming, arts & culture) etc and to provide opportunities for this and for social interaction with each other
  • promote health advice and information
  • promote social activities in order to reach out to isolated African women and their families
  • identify ways of outreaching into our communities, in order to give something back through support, advice and opportunities